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Thread: A box...I didn't make.

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    A box...I didn't make.

    Since there is a box building project going on and I couldn't fit it into my schedule this time, I thought I'd show everyone this just for kicks.

    I forgot I had this until my wife brought it out. My SIL gave me this for my birthday, probably 15 years ago, maybe more. Probably made around 1930?

    I don't think the inlay is ivory....probably celluloid. The wood might be mahogany. Anyway, when you lift up on the doesn't actually come off....and let it back down, viola...a cigarette. The main reason I forgot I had this is I quit smoking almost 10 years ago.

    As for building boxes, I'll plan on participating next time. Looking forward to seeing all the variety of boxes made.
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    That's hilarious I've never seen anything like that.
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    Very cool. I've not seen anything like that.

    BTW, I'll bet that 10 year old cigarette is pretty stale by now, huh?
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    does it roll them too? and how do you refill it ,,if the top doesnt come off neat looking box though
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    Vaughn, I imagine they're pretty dry by now. Don't miss the old habit so I wouldn't know stale from fresh.

    Larry, you lift the top up and drop the cigs thru the slot in the top. They nestle on either side of the center bar. I think it might hold about a pack and a half. That's quite and investment at today's prices. Another thing I don't miss.

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    Cigarette Box


    My dad had a similar box. Similar in that it worked the way you box works. Different design though.

    He also had a donkey that dispensed a cigarette when you raised his tail. Does that qualify as "Art?"

    He also had a little boy (not me, a metal one attached to an ashtray) that extinquished cigarette butts.

    I think I should sign off now.


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