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    Layout Software

    Does anybody know of a simple and cheap software for laying out plywood for cutting? I've tried "Search" but I'm really not finding what I'm looking for. I'd like to see a consensus of what everybody uses.

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    I use Cutlist PlusŪ. It works quite well. There's a "trial Version" that limits the number of cuts you can enter, and several 'upscale' versions that have costing and inventory features, but I've found the basic (cheapest) version to be sufficient for my needs.
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    Here are several different ones. I don't use it myself.

    Optimik 2.36c gets good reviews in a few different places, and it's free. It's on that page if you scroll down. FWIW.

    Here's some more cutting optimization software.

    And welcome to the forum, Randy. Nice to meet you.
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    Thanks everybody. I think I will try the free version of Cutlist Plus to see how that works. I also "Googled" and found They have a free trial version and a hobby version for $35.00. Also, like Cutlist they have more expensive versions depending what you want/need.

    I'm kind of surprised that the software companies aren't advertizing their products on more woodworking web sites...

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