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Thread: Bandsaw Parts Supplier

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    Bandsaw Parts Supplier

    I'm thinking about upgrading my old Rockwell 14" bandsaw with a riser kit. I've seen references here, and on the Canadian forum, to a US company that is the main go-to source for kits, parts etc. The Delta kit might work but I want to be sure.
    As I recall, this company was still not online (!) and you could phone them for a printed catalogue. Can someone point me to them?
    Many thanks

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    I think the name is Iturra Design. I'm not sure if they have any sort of web presence.

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    I don't know anything about Iturra Design.. matter of fact never heard of them, but I'm wanting to upgrade my Delta 14" BS... I've looked that their riser kit and at the one from Grizzly... I'm not sure the Grizzly will fit, but it looks almost identical to the Delta kit, plus the Grizzly for the G0555 also comes with a blade... and it's about 1/2 the price of Delta... I'm thinking it's worth a try... I have one on order right now.
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    Iturra Design
    Toll Free 1-866-883-8064
    4636 Fulton Road
    Jacksonville, FL


    Their catalog is extensive and a wealth of information about everything bandsaw.

    Although I have not purchased from them yet, I believe in their more than ten years in business, their reputation has been a good one.
    Bill Antonacchio

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    Thank you guys. I'll be giving them a call. Just have to remember to note the make,model and serial number tonight so I can call them during business hours.

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