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Thread: Shop - Organizing the clamps, finally! + Shop Tour

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    Shop - Organizing the clamps, finally! + Shop Tour

    After years of clamps in corners and nooks and crannys, finally finished organizing them this weekend.I call it the "Wall of Bessey's".

    Now if I can just get the rest of the shop organized.


    Shop tour added at end of posts.
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    Wow I've never seen so many clamps!
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    Rob. You've got issues....

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    I counted, you have 4 more clamps then me.

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    OK I need to see a picture of you with those clamps. No one has all of those clmnps.
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    Wow! you probably see clamps in your dreams too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Damon View Post
    After years of clamps in corners and nooks and crannys, finally finished organizing them this weekend.
    Gee ... I'd say hyper-organizing them! That looks like a Bessey store display room or something.

    (BTW ... I see a corner, but no nooks or crannys. I guess that's where you're keeping the rest of the stuff that needs to be organized? )

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    Do you have any tools and where do you keep those
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    yup he does bob,, look at his older posts i think yu could say he doesnt need anymore clamps huh
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    General arrangement of the tools, but not connected to power or dust collection. The other half of the space has the workbench, RAS, 16" jointer, 5HP cyclone and other tools.

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