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Thread: Shop gloats

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    Shop gloats

    My brother and nephew do remodeling in an office park. My nephew mentioned that they were removing some lights and cabinets. Saturday we picked up 20 fixtures that held 4-T8 bulbs each, should work well.

    Needless to say my shop is getting a bit brighter and adding some storage.

    The counter top had a hole cut for a sink. I just happen to have a trash can that can slide right under that section...Will do for now until I get things sorted out.

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    Let there be light! That's great.
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    I'm jealous. I could use about 6 of those lights
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    Wow, that's really going to light up the shop!

    Great idea on the sink cut out, just need to make sure the stuff you stack on the counter doesn't accidently slide into the hole!

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    almost as if you had a lighting expert come in and say here, you need this many lights, and you went out and spent a fortune.
    Very good haul indeed.
    I have only one reused 4 bulb fixture in my shop, and I love the amount of light it gives off, but its an indoor fixture, and sometimes in the colder weather I have to wait about 5 minutes for the bulbs to pop on. I can deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    I'm jealous. I could use about 6 of those lights
    Me too... though probably 4 would work okay for me...
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    Many lights make hand work.
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