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Thread: Weather event in Watertown, NY.

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    Weather event in Watertown, NY.

    I saw this article on the weather site that I visit frequently, and thought it was pretty amazing! A 73 degree F temperature rise in 24 hours!

    Statement as of 5:18 am EST on February 20, 2007

    ... 73 degree temperature rise in 24 hours at Watertown...

    The low temperature on Monday morning February 19th was 35 degrees
    below zero at Watertown New York... a new record low for the date.
    Just 24 hours later the temperature at Watertown is 38 degrees above
    zero... producing an astounding 24 hour temperature change of 73

    A cold Arctic airmass settled over the north country and Watertown
    Sunday night. That combined with a local drainage flow... which
    allows cold air to pool near the Watertown Airport... resulted in the
    severe cold of Monday morning. Late Monday afternoon... a warm front
    passed through the region with rising temperatures overnight...
    resulting in the incredible difference in just one day.

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    Wow, that is amazing!!!

    When I was a kid, the weather in my hometown of Kelowna BC Canada, could change drasticaly in an afternoon.

    Once, in the early summer, we got a severe weahter warning, at 11 AM it was sunny and 85F, by about 12:30PM it was dark, and the temps had dropped to below 50F. The clouds were so dark, that the street lights came on, and then the hail started, almost as big as golf balls

    By 3 PM it was sunny with blue skies, and back over 85F.....

    Mom nature can sure mix it up!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    and I thought 40 degrees was a pretty good swing... whoa

    Tom, by the way, howdy neighbor!

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