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Thread: File Handles---A Stroke of Genus (Gee Nuts)

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    File Handles---A Stroke of Genus (Gee Nuts)

    File Handles, A Stroke of Genus (Gee Nuts)

    You may have seen Glenn’s thread about breaking a file handle. Well this is what started me into slave labor---making file handles for Glenn.

    Attachment 53921

    I made a couple singles, seen here along with Glenn’s original demo.

    Attachment 53929

    Then, brilliant as I am, I decided to go “Assembly Line” and be efficient.

    Attachment 53922
    Attachment 53923

    At this point STOP and tell me what is wrong (gad what an opening---However we know that gentlemen will not step into/onto that line).

    No fair peeking yet, unless you saw the problem.

    The theory was to make three handles all at once, in a line. The steady rest would hold the three handles in perfect alignment while I removed the tail-stock and placed a chuck and proper size drill in place. Then I would drill the hole. And then I would cut off the right-most handle and drill the hole for the next handle. And repeat for the last handle.

    Attachment 53924

    As you can see I am drilling a perfectly centered hole in the second handle. HOWEVER, it is in the wrong danged end of the handle! Even after, yours truly, the Gee Nuts, turned two out of three handles wrong-end-to---he kept right on going and drilled.

    Here is a close up of the screw up.

    Attachment 53925

    Now that I have given all of you a good lesson in thinking ahead, I think I shall bid you all “Good Night”---or is that “Good Grief.”



    p.s. Don’t tell Glenn. He will razz the pajeebers out of me.
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    Just tell Glenn they are ventilated handles. The hole in the butt end of the handle allows the heat from filing to escape. Keeps the file from warping. True story.
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    They sure look nice though
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    Thats cool. I usually just take a lager dowel rod and round off the end and drill out the channel. Much less work for a busy guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hawksford View Post
    Thats cool. I usually just take a lager dowel rod and round off the end and drill out the channel. Much less work for a busy guy.
    That's how I've done it to date. But, I knew dad had a lathe, I had the scraps and now that he is retired, the poor old guy has nothing to do I thought this might keep him out of the pool hall.
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    For file handles it whatever works. I have one with a corn cob handle.

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    Jim just plug the hole with a nicely rounded end of a small dowel & drill from the other end "Glenn will never know".
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    But Jim you have not made a single mistake so far, all i see is a hole into which you surely planned ahead to use for a hook to hold the files with when they are hung up by the handle.

    Besides i recall Glenn was getting intouch with his turning side and making his own or at least somewhere i recall seeing a post to that effect. So if i were Glenn i would be keeping a low low profile on this post, i thought he was big enough and had a workshop full enough to make his own by now. Did not know he still needed Dad to help "ride" the "bicycle" ? ok i am going to thank goodness i am far away from you guys.

    Thanks for the demo Jim, i get stuck like this often, one of my half completed projects is something very similar except that the handles are mallet handles in ash.

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    Put in a piece of contrasting color wood or a jewel of some sort and claim you were being 'artistic'. Then you can sell a $5.00 handle for $50.00.
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    Way too funny Jim. Just the sort of fine work I specialize in.

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