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Thread: Firewood Carrier

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    Firewood Carrier

    Finally after seven years of carrying wood up two flights of stairs in my arms.
    Sometimes it takes me a while to get to it.

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    That's great. What's it made out of, Alex?
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    Sweet! Leather?

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    The handle is made out of a scrap of cherry planed down to 15mm and the leather is 2.5mm. I was a little worried the leather would be too stiff at that thickness (bought it online) but turns out it is just right. Bonus was my thin kerf blade was also just right.

    Ya, leather Brent.

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    Beauty. You weren't procrastinating. The idea just had to age like a fine wine.
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    Ive seen carriers with a heavy linen type material, thats pretty cool stuff with the leather.(and the cherry handles ofcourse)

    I bet if you had to carry the wood up 4 flights of stairs, you might have only waited 3.5 years.

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    Looks very handy, Alex.

    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    ...I bet if you had to carry the wood up 4 flights of stairs, you might have only waited 3.5 years.
    Now that made me laugh.
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    Looks good Alex, but that is what kids are for, hook you little girl up with a rucksack and get her busy
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    'Course, when you carry the wood in your arms there is nothing to throw off your balance, or to get in the way of your legs. But if you carry bigger loads to reduce the number of trips, you can't see where you're going.

    Maybe if you made two of these carriers? Then the trick would be to pick up the second carrier when they're both loaded with wood. If you figure that out, you'll cut your trips in half, unless the stairway isn't wide enough for you and two carriers full.

    Hmmm ... too much to think about. I think it would have taken me 10 years.

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    It may have taken 7 years, but you gave it a nice style and look. Simple enough project, but nicely executed.
    Wm. Jason Tuinstra

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