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Thread: Loupe de loop

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    Loupe de loop

    I saw some had commented on my use of a loupe in the article i wrote on my sharpening experience.

    Here is where you can obtain them and all for the huge big sum of $6.50

    You get three different magnification sizes for that. But the 10X is the one i use.

    They very handy for lots of things. On the funny side though anyone peering through my shop window when i am using it must think i have some relationship with Colonel Klink of Hogans Heros


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    That's a set of three eye loupes, right? Won't work for me. I'd need the set for two eyes.
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    I know how everyone here is a Harbor Freight fan (grin) But check out this item. I'm happy with mmine.

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    Hi John
    That is a cool device for the price.

    Only thing for me is the upper limit of the magnification is on 3x and on the other cool one the at the bottom of the page, it is 4x.

    In the case of the loupes and the use I use them for, they go up to 10x and that is really a whole different view of things.

    For reference I use my loupe to check out my scratch marks as I move through the grits of sandpaper while sharpening plane blades or chisel edges.

    But I can see where one of those you posted would do real well for other things.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to bring that gem to our attention

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