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Thread: Freud Router Table modification

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    Freud Router Table modification

    I got this Freud Router Table on sale with 3hp router and all. I hated the three position fence though. I also hated the inserts. Other inserts that I could find would not fit it. The inserts that were provided were either proud of the table or just under so I made my own out of lexan.

    For the track I just took a track and cut it in half, then used my router and ran it down a straight edge to route out the table for the track to fit in. I glued and screwed the track down. My only mistake was the over cut at the front as you can see. i will fill that in with something a little later. Works great and I don't have to unscrew the adjustment knobs to do gross adjustments.

    All total cost me about 20 dollars and 30 minutes.

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    Looks like a good modification. Bondo works great for filling odd holes in melamine-covered MDF. Epoxy also works.

    When I made my drill press table, I messed up the slots (repeatedly), but I had a lot more space to fill, so I used wood.
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    thanks for the answer to a hindrance i have on mine,, i know how to fix it thanks to you brian
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    Thanks for his Brian, now i trust my instincts more. I always looked at that table at the HD and thought something aint right. Glad you were able to tune itup.

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