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Thread: How much to pay for lumber?

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    How much to pay for lumber?

    I have used pine wood for most all my projects (small craft type) over the years with the exception of small turnings on the lathe. I have always just gone to my local Menards store and picked out each board by hand. I saw an ad on my local Craigslist that says he has a large variety of kiln dried hardwood lumber planed to 3/4" for $3.00 per BF. Is this about right or not? I emailed him about cutoffs but he replied he had none. Sounds like all species is same price. I want to try some Cherry and Maple and ...well...who knows what else.

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    Isn't Larry swinging by you on the "Tour de Wood 2011" next month? If you can wait till then ask him on what he has and maybe you two can work out a deal and he can personally deliver, just an idea (he has some awesome wood by the way)

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    KD & S2S cherry, maple or walnut sounds pretty good at $3.00bf. Pine, beech, hickory, and poplar ought to be a bit less, though.
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