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Thread: Isn't it Friday???

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    Isn't it Friday???

    So, what's going on?
    (Sorry for poaching on someone's reserve, but idle minds want to know

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    Staying in , ordering a movie and dinner and going to relax !
    Delivery early AM Saturday and 2 pick ups on the way out of DC
    Sunday church , Movie with the wife out.
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    Well, Just got the top of my workbench and table saw cleared off and the rest of the nasty old garage shelves ripped out and my new base cabs and counters put in.

    With the tablesaw being in a useable mode, that means I can get started on more shelves and the drawers!

    And since it is February, I need to get to making some music to hold up my end of our groups

    Gotta come up with 2 songs by Sunday...

    Oh and have to probably do a little work/work each morning just to stay caught up.

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    Spent this morning and early afternoon with my son at the VA hospital.

    Nothing on tap for the weekend except shop time

    Going to hang new pegboard, start on the wine cabinet/table for my daughter, and make a new crosscut sled. I need a 3-1/4" hole for the wine bottle rest. Can't decide if I want to buy a forstner bit to do it or just cut them out on the BS and finish on the spindle sander.
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    With the bookcase now in the "finishing room" (upstairs bedroom), going to work on a couple little workshop organising jobs, maybe some drawers in the long-unfinished router table. Gradually making a place for everything. At the same time, see if I can make a little Kobo (Chapters variation of a Kindle) case out of that curly ash. Think I'll do a mock-up first.
    And, there's always barn work.The shovel and wheelbarrow kind.

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    Need to do a real shop cleaning tonight and/or Saturday, since I have a newbie coming by Sunday for a little lathe mentoring, after which we're both going to the local turning club meeting. Come to think of it, I need to prep a few blanks for the mentoring adventure. Also have a few pens to get turned...the second try on the ones I messed up a few days ago.

    Then there's this box thing I need to get moving on. I know what I want to try making...just need to jig up to do it.
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    Sat by the pool today after I finished classes and soaked up some sun. Been mostly late night and early mornings the past few days, so sleeping in for a bit before going to meet with Don and Carol. Soaking up more sun. My nephew is coming up from Tuscon Sunday to visit, then might try to fit in a trip to the Phoenix zoo. and Soaking up more sun Monday and Tuesday before I head home.

    On a brighter note (pun intended) weather is suppose to be in the 60's back home when I return. Much better than the 6 degrees when I left.

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    Fishing club is having a meet&greet and fishing contest on the ice at Lk. St.Clair Sunday, I scrolled the plaque for the winner (cant figure out how to post a pic) plenty of food and good people on the ice
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    I've got a pile of wood out by the shop that has reached the "point of no turn" so I've ordered a burn permit for the weekend and will spend the day heating the air around here... it was 28 when I got up this morning, but if I stand close enought to the fire, I can stay warm. Thought I might work on the cabinet I am building to go under the lathe for chucks and fittings, but it's int he shop and too far from the fire.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Designing a cover for my book. I have decided to publish with Amazon books and their Kindle. Also need to write some intro pages then figure out their submission system.
    Tonight taking wifey out to dinner for her birthday.
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