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Thread: An Experiment............

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    An Experiment............

    .............OK, I've been told that this Keyaki stuff (Japanese Zelkova or "Zelkova Serrata") is turned to final size wet, then dried, then sanded and finished.

    I know from experiance that when dry, turning concrete, WITH rebar would be easier than turning this stuff.

    I'm going to give this a whirl and see how it goes.

    I turned the first bowl VERY thin, only about 2mm, so what is that, an 1/8"...

    In fact, it got below that on the bottom (again!) but this is just to see how it dries.

    Attachment 4954
    Getting thin!

    Attachment 4955
    Almost a funnel, could still be a lamp shade

    Attachment 4956
    Some neat grain and pattern

    Attachment 4957
    The form is not the best, but I was looking for thin, to see how it dries
    Attachment 4958

    Attachment 4959
    This is the thicker one, about 1/4" thick, most of the way round

    Attachment 4960
    The bottom is a different color because of I used the donut chuck to turn away the tennon, and in the time between finishing the outside and truning away the bottom, the wood dried that much....

    Attachment 4961
    The inside, nice grain, but there is also a branch pith, so we shall see what happens there...........

    One more thing, I'm fairly pleased with my speed, start to finish for both bowl, took me about 90 minutes, I know I'm still slow compared to experianced turners, or Pros, but I used to take me twice that for just one bowl!

    I'll update these and see how they turn out....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    I turned the first bowl VERY thin, only about 2mm, so what is that, an 1/8"...
    Nope. My ruler says it is just a touch over 1/16th. Somewhere between 1/16th and 3/32nds

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