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Thread: Plane Till?

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    Plane Till?

    So, I'm thinking about making a plane till to hang on the wall to keep my meager little collection of plans handy.

    I'd expect the collection to grow a bit over time, but definitely will not get quite the size of collection as Jim or Ken or Bill.

    How big do you think a plane till should be to hold a decent collection of planes? Enough to do the basic hand plane type tasks...

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    user cabinet..

    brent this is my user cabinet,, got few more that are stashed eslewhere
    but this works for me as my go to users,, till i find another one that needs to be in this group its 18" wide, 32" high, and 12" deep..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well, lessee... Mine is about four feet square, and holds about sixty planes - about half my collection.

    Seriously, I'd think a rack as high as your longest plane (a #8 is about 24", btw) and long enough to accommodate what you've got now, plus a few more, would likely be enough for now.

    Mine holds the planes at about a 5 angle, and I embedded some half inch Neodymium magnets in the rack under the shorter planes - to ensure they don't fall out.
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    Jim, can you post a photo of the thing that holds your planes?
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    Great advice Guys... Thanks!

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