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Thread: E-Reader case - techie question

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    E-Reader case - techie question

    Hello Everyone
    I've mocked up a rough prototype for a sort of slip cover case I'm building (in curly ash, of course) for my son's "Kobo" e-reader. It's the Chapters variation of a Kindle.
    The original idea calls for a leather strap to keep it secure (where the green tape is in the picture).
    Here's the question: if I use a rare earth magnet to keep the strap in place, do I risk messing up the memory of the device? My Blackberry case has a similar strap with magnetic closure, which suggests it's okay.
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    Personally, I would contact tech support for the reader and ask.
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    I agree with Frank. My gut feeling is: no way am I putting a rare earth or any other magnet that close to it.


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    I say it will be fine. Heres my take but you would still do best to check it out

    There are 5 basic components to any of these devices.

    1) LCD screen

    2) Processor circuit board

    3) RF circuit for the wi fi connection residing on the processor board

    4) The battery.

    Now when you got the device in the ash enclosure nothing is happening to it.

    However i would not be bringing the magnet near it when you expect it to be communicating with the wifi.

    See rf communication which is what wi fi is , is actually electromagentic radiation if one gets real technical and first principal orientated. So the magnet might mess up comms in this case.

    If you expect the thing to be communicating while its in the housing, say tucked away downloading an ebook then definitely not.

    The battery wont be affected and the circuit board should not except it depends again on the accessories they have on the board such as if they using a resonator rather than crystal to derive a clock signal. But i very much doubt it.

    The issue that used to affect the processor and memory circuits is the aspect of sunspots back in the day before they made the radiation hardened circuits. magnets wont. Its silicon not iron filings with electrons running around.

    The LCD is as the word says liquid cystal and all it does is polarise depending on the voltage applied across its layers.

    Thats pretty much it and my take but i would still check with the manufacturer you never know whats inside these things.

    Now if it were a wallet where you gonna store your credit cards an they aint the new rf type with a chip then you certainly dont want a magnet around them even though that magstripe is made of high coercivity magnetic material.

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