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Thread: Makita 2012 NB Planer Issue Resolved

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    Makita 2012 NB Planer Issue Resolved

    think I have resolved the issue with my planer. When I left the dust collector off and kept my ear plugs out, I listened to the planer run. There was a distinct clicking sound, a few seconds a part. The boards would feed and then stop. Sometimes I had to push the board to get it started. Below is the link to the original problem.

    All I had to do to solve the issue was lube the chain drive for the feed rollers. The chain was binding, causing the tensioning spring to get hung up. All it took was a little TLC (aka maintnenance).

    I still plan to get some Johnsons paste wax to wax the bed and all of my cast iron tables on the other equipment. That stuff is hard to find. Maybe Lowes or HD has it, but those are difficult to get to in the UP.
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    I found Johnson wax at HD. It by the paint.

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