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Thread: Modified Rifle Casing..............

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    Modified Rifle Casing..............

    Bullet Key Rings.
    Cut off the casing neck and shoulder from Remington 7mm Magnum and Winchester 30.06 rifle casings and installed 44 and 45 caliber hand gun bullets.
    Cleaned with Brasso, polished with FLITZ and applied 4 coats of Lacquer.
    Will be making a bunch of each for up coming Gun Shows in Alberta and BC.


    Modified Remington 7mm Magnum casing with a 45 Caliber Bullet

    Modified Winchester 30.06 with a 44 Caliber Bullet

    Non Modified 44.40

    L-R : Modified 7mm, Non Modified 44.40, Modified Nickel 30.06 and Modified Brass 30.06
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    You will sell a bunch of those and probably take orders for many more.
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