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Thread: 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

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    12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

    Compartment Key Rings.
    So far these have been great sellers at the Gun Shows.
    Two African Bloodwood and an African Blackwood.
    Sanded to 400x, buffed with LIBERON Ultrafine Steel Wool, applied 6 coats of MINWAX Clear Gloss Polyurethane buffing between every second coat with Ultrafine Steel Wool.
    No buffing or polishing on the final 2 coats.


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    I realy like the looks of those. I can see where they would be good sellers. If I can ask you what kind of price do you sell them for? May have to try a few myself.

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    My kind if key rings, and they are big enough to store you spare 38 ammo in.
    Nice Les..

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    Really nice Les. Where do you get your kits? Also how much do you generally get for those.
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