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Thread: An update on the Grizzly riser on a Delta saw

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    An update on the Grizzly riser on a Delta saw

    I posted a question here some time back about whether the Grizzly riser for the 14" band saw would fit the Delta... got several responses, non really affirmative, but all seemed positive in tone.... I even called the Grizzly people to ask them if it would fit... the techs I spoke with were very nice and friendly, but not knowledgeable about the fit... they said they were not that cognizant of the differences in the tolerances in the two saws.... anyway, I took a chance and ordered the riser since it is about 1/2 cost of the Delta riser kit, plus it comes with a bandsaw blade whereas the Delta kit did not.

    To shorten a long story.. not necessarily a trait of my posts.. but with a little modification, it will fit. The pin patterns are not the same, but a quick trip to the grinder and the Grizzly pins are no more... the Delta pins pop right out, so once the riser was flat, it fit perfectly. Biggest hassle is the post for the blade guides is about 15% smaller on the Grizzly so there was a little slop in that portion of the exchange.... I used the pins from the Delta, ground them flat on two sides and used them as shims in the post holder... I'm sure I will have some issues with that when I use the saw, but I don't think it will be major issue... my saw now has a green riser kit in it...
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    Glad it worked for far.
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    Sounds like you're in business, Chuck. Do be sure to check that your wheels are coplanar. I read recently about someone adding a riser kit and finding the wheels no longer lined up. It was easy to fix - she just loosened the bolt that holds the riser in place and slid the top part of the saw forward a little bit. Apparently there's enough slop in that connection to allow some adjustment.
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    Plan on replacing the blade soon. The one that came with my kit was a very sorry blade.
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