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Thread: big motors

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    big motors

    I stopped by the local auction house just to look over all the 'stuff' they had for tonight's sale.
    Among all the junk was a large amount of equipment from a local factory. They dump unneeded items occasionally. Often it is not used or in perfect condition. Among the goodies they brought this week were two very large electric motors. Both rated 460 volts and both quite large. One was still new in crate and the plate said 60 hp. The other looked new also but didn't have a plate I could see. It was only a little smaller than the 60 hp. Seeing as how local antique dealers, farmers and hobbyists have little to no use for items like that I'll betcha they sell for very small money. I wouldn't be able to lift them to the truck bed much less know what to do with them.
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    Someone will buy them and strip out the copper wiring and sell them for scrap.
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