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Thread: Rebuilding Sunroom

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    Rebuilding Sunroom

    Am planning to rebuild my sunroom this summer and have about 1000 bd. ft. of red oak with about 500 bd. ft. of quarter sawn red oak so am using this to rebuild it. Have found a procedure to build french doors which will be the entrance to the sunroom. So am looking for a way to build silding glass doors out of the oak that I have. So anybody done this? Or have any ideas on how to build them/

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    If you want sliding glass doors wouldn't you use glass not oak.
    Really I have no idea how one would go about building sliding glass doors.
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    I can't help you with your sunroom, but I can welcome you to The Family.

    Welcome! And best of luck on the project. I'm sure someone around here will have some ideas/info for you shortly.

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    Welcome Ken! I read this before but didn't realize it was your first post! Helloooooooooooo
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    Thanks for the great welcome

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    Welcome aboard, Ken.

    Take this with a grain of salt, since I've not built any entry doors, but I think the trickiest part about building a sliding glass door with a wood frame will be finding a source for the hardware - both the rollers and the tracks. Aside from that, the wood frame itself would need to be seriously stout, since I'd think it's going to want to flex. Hopefully some of the guys who do this type of thing for a living have some better ideas for you. (Although you already stumped Chuck, and he's one of those guys.)
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    Ken, I'll ask LOML tomorrow what he thinks. He's the forum's resident "Glass-man". He just retired from a career in commercial glass (glass for big buildings) and he may have some insight.
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    Hi Ken,

    Welcome! Glazed wood sliders………….challenging for sure; but not rocket surgery. There’s lots of ways to build and glaze the fixed and sliding wood panels. But Vaughn is right that sourcing the hardware is the trick. And it is more heavy duty than your garden variety aluminum patio door stuff. Besides the handles, locking hardware & rollers, you’ll need the top & bottom tracks which also incorporate the sliding screens runners, and the interlocking pieces which attach to the vertical stiles.

    Fortunately, one of the leading manufacturers of wood sliders in Canada and the U.S., Marvin Windows and Doors, have kindly posted their construction details in pdf form on their website: Then go to this link for details: Scroll down and open pdf of their “Wood Sliding Patio Door”, but also scroll to bottom and open the one called “Wood Ultimate Sliding French Door”…..they’re spectacular.

    Marvin likely only sells hardware to their dealers, but you could probably get it through one of those. And of course Marvin is only one of many manufactures to get ideas and hardware from.

    Not sure where you live Ken, but you can find outlets and dealers info on the U.S. site, or the Marvin Canada site at: Let me know if you need more ideas on sourcing etc. By the way, I'm not affiliated in any way with Marvin, it's just an example.


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    Remodeling Sunroom

    Sounds like a good place to start looking. Thanks for the info. I have several months to be in the planning stage so it'll give the time I need to stretch up the plans.

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