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Thread: ts blade burn

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    ts blade burn

    In another thread the subject of a table saw blade burning while cutting is raised. That thread deals with an expensive blade the owner is not happy with.
    I had a different, and puzzling, experience with an inexpensive blade. The blade in question was the original supplied with my $89.00 Delta table saw. It is a standard combo blade. I had it sharpened by a friend who has been doing sharpening for decades. When I got it back it burned everything I tried cutting with it. Not wanting to cause a fuss, I took it to another sharpener who couldn't see a problem with visual inspection. However, he resharpened and now it doesn't burn. He had no explanation for the situation.
    Any theories?
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    frank without seeing the blade and using it myslef,, i would say it has to do with the set i the blade.or the blade might be bent as well or the saw set up is off. but set will do it in heart beat. no room for the wood to get rid of the waste.
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    I think Larry's got it. If the blade can't clear the spoil it will heat up and burn real quick at tablesaw speeds.
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