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Thread: Workbench Addition

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    Workbench Addition

    Built this platform for my TS so that I can use the bench as an out feed table if need be. This may be in the wrong section.
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    That looks like a great idea, Matt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Fornes View Post
    ...This may be in the wrong section.
    No worries, I moved it to the tools area.
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    That'll work. Getting multiple uses out of your fixtures is never a bad idea.
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    One word Ingenius. I think the way you made it so there is no leg to get in the way is clever thought. So your bench becomes the outfeed table.

    Now think about adding Jim Bradleys idea to your bench so you can move it yet make it solid when needed.

    Matt there is an issue with this thread that i have already reported to admin if they can fix it take a look at this it might work for you.

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    Nice idea I need to work on improving mine as well.
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