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Thread: The gates are hanging

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    The gates are hanging

    This weekend, I found some time to weld the shoe to the bottom hinge, the shoe is a 1 ˝ foot long piece of U profile that will fit around the bottom joist of the gate

    DSC_2518 by mcluma, on Flickr

    The hinge above is the wall plate which is going to be the top hinge
    I will admit I am not the world’s best welder, but was not disappointed with the final result (of course I ran out of welding wire, and had to get some new one, (I just got a bit crazy and didn’t now I was using that much wire)
    Below you see the shoe fitted to the bottom of the gate, 6 screws will hold the gate in the shoe, the bottom got painted before fitting

    DSC_2552 by mcluma, on Flickr

    And here you see the final result of all the hard work, the gates are finally fitted

    DSC_2557 by mcluma, on Flickr
    This is the back of the gate with only one coat of paint on

    DSC_2566 by mcluma, on Flickr
    Really happy with the final result, the opening between the gates is 12mm, i had calculated for 10mm, so all in all really happy
    What remains to be done is:
    Electrics / Intercom / lights / wooden gate styles / etc

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    Good job there Chris. You been hard at work again i see. Those gates a beautys.

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    Looking good Chris
    If you don't take pride in your work, life get's pretty boring.

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    Are you at Cynthia's house???

    Looks good Chris, quite a project you got going.

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