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Thread: Want some candy to make you drool?

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    Want some candy to make you drool?

    I posted this here instead of the Neander forum so everyone gets to see the eye candy. This place makes stuff to drool over.

    Bridge city This is what happens when you see the price here.

    Dont worry LV or LN you very safe with these prices.

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    3,220 that some famous plane brand?
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    Bridge City tools are not mass produced, and they are not for everyone. I doubt I'll ever own any of their fine tools, but I for one like the idea that tool makers like this are out there
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    Check this item out, now this is clever. A little steep in price again but still very very clever in my view especially after all my sharpening recently.

    Cynthia i think this place is like a joint you buy art at. I cannot see myself actually taking a $2200 plane out to my shop and getting dust on it.

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    I have a couple of their squares, nice enough, but I use Starrett/Mitatoyo most of the time in he shop. The Starrett/Mitatoyos just feel better.

    They have been around a long time. and their prices have risen to the point that it is not justified. Cool stuff if you want to impress someone though.......

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    Cool stuff, Rob, although I like the look of the brass version of that plane better. The contrast sells it for me. (Although I'm not gonna rush out and spend north of $500 to own one.)
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    At that price I better just be able to set the tool on the wood and leave while it does it's job.... wow..
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    I have trouble accepting it will do the job better than a standard item properly set up.
    Yes, a response is appropriate.
    I have a brother in law who would buy one just to prove he can. Like a $20,000.00 watch that doesn't keep time any better than a $30.00 Casio.
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    This is actually kind of cool:



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