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Thread: Variations on a Theme - The CMS Stand & Tool Storage

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    Variations on a Theme - The CMS Stand & Tool Storage

    Been many threads of late on CMS stations and all of the cool Systainer storage racks. I needed to build something like that myself and just got 'er put together last night. I was motivated by the idea that, in my small shop, horizontal space is at a premium and I was always cluttering it up with tool cases (which I like to keep since I do use them outside the shop). So, I wanted a storage unit that would allow me to pull out the tool without removing the case from the unit. So, this is what I've got so far...

    Next step is to build the CMS stand on top with the Kreg measuring system. And, I'll probably get around to some cosmetic improvements but the functionality was my main driver since it is the shop after all. So, she ain't pretty, but it gets the job done rather nicely for me.
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    As you can tell, it's just 2x4 construction and the entire project was done with scrap wood. The drawers are made of pine that I reclaimed from some 30 yr old knotty pine pannelling. There was a lot of work and mess to get that pine panelling to look like nice boards but hey, the price was right... free (less some wear and tear on my planer, etc.) Here are some pics of the construction process.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looks great Tim

    Something I need to do when I get my new [planned] 4x12 work table done.

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    whoa, very nice for just 'scrap wood'!

    great job, and excellent use of space and efficient storage! very nahm like with the flannel. (I'm not one to talk, I wear so many flannel and chamois shirts in winter my youngest son calls them 'daddy shirts'. )

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    Don Taylor is offline Former Member (by the member's request)
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    I just posted a thread asking for ideas on this very thing. Thanks for sharing Tim. That's a great job.


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    Nicely done Tim. I'm glad to see what you did especially with the drawers for the nail guns, as I had planned to do something along that line when I get that far along on my shop. Like you, I need to take them away from the shop at times, and I hate trying to find the cases and match them up, so I'm presently keeping them in their cases in a metal construction site toolbox sitting in the shop. (not nearly as handy as your setup though)

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    Great setup, Tim. Instead of spending a bunch of money on fancy wood, you invested wisely in good drawer slides. And for salvage wood, that sure ended up looking nice.
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    nice job tim!
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    Nicely done Tim. Bravo!
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    Thanks all! I appreciate the nice comments and Ned... yes, thanks for noticing the nahm like flannel. That's funny. I don't actually wear the flannels all the time but it turns out to be a good weight in a cool basement during the winter. And then LOML doesn't yell at me for messing up nice clothes. "What do you mean I can't do woodworking in the new sweater that your mom gave me?"

    Actually, one bit of specifics on this for the archives, I really wish that I would have made the drawers just 2 or 3 inches deeper. Since my top was only 24" wide, I was pushing it making the drawers 22" deep but darned if that extra couple of inches wouldn't come in handy. So, my advice would be to try and make the drawers at least 24" deep.

    As for the drawer slides, for you midwest guys... something I did this time but never thought about before is the Menards 17% off 'bag sale' - that's a great time to stock up on drawer slides and hardware. I often forget that they have that kind of stuff.

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