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Thread: Could not resist...bought American ....again.

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    Could not resist...bought American ....again.

    I have been wanting a small 6 inch blade combination square for some time now. Had my mind set on a starret and was gonna wait till after the dust collector is hooked up. But Sat i was in this local store something like harbor freight except more mechanical and cars, and i came across this little baby for $11.99. So i could not resist. (yeah website shows a dollar more)

    Ordinarily i would not have posted about a tool like this. Except it deserves support.

    At that price for an American made tool with a lifetime warranty and stated accuracy which checked out when i got it home I am happy i bought it.

    In the USA you can find them at Borgs and all sorts just enter your zip on their site and they show you all the stockists in your area.

    This is one switched on company in my view and they deserve support. Just look at how they are adapting.

    Then look at what this approach has produced scroll down and look at the list

    They used to be just a level company. Just look at the name Empire Level Mfg. That says it all.

    Now how can they do it and others cannot. ????????

    To me its all attitude and leadership.

    Sorry Starret and Lee Valley but i saved myself a whopping $57.51 and got exactly the same accuracy and very good finish both on the body and blade. Blade is etched stainless. This is a handy apron square now i just need an apron.
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    Rob, that was good timing. I've been considering the purchase of a small square just like that. I have a 2" and 4" solid machinist square and a 4" adjustable one, all from my former job as a tool & die maker. (Retired) Also have a Starrett combo set with 12, 18, and 24" blades. The 6" fills in and will be very handy to have. Home Depot is about 25 miles from here and on my list of stops next friday when I do my regular restock run. And the price is really right in my Social Security budget!! Thanks for the heads up

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    Roger just check before you go that Home Depot has it. I was gonna post a link to them last night but could only find the 12 inch on their site.
    You might wanna call ahead or look at their site for other dealers in the USA. If you punch your zip they will let you know where you can get it.

    Glad it helped you thats what posting is all about.

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    Here you go Rob

    On this page you can see my vest see pic's it did happen.

    Just Google Skillers for dealers.

    I received mine as gift. Mine only has the bottom pouches & the top pockets with slash pockets behind the top pockets. It is the most comfortable tool apron I've ever worn.
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    I have the 12" version I got at home depot and really like it.

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    Thanks for the heads up Rob!

    I was looking for something like this. I went down to Homeys and bought two, one for my pocket, the other for the shelf. (seems I can't put something down without forgetting where I put it, must be old age)

    I paid just under $8 each. Got them home and within accuracy claims. The Starret's are more accurate but for the money this is perfect! (now if empire would make their rulers in the USA too...)

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    Oddly enough, I bought a little magnetic torpedo level a few weeks ago at HD. Looked at it today and it's an Empire!.

    Spent a little time looking over their selection at HD today and it does look like they are doing a nice job of expanding their selection

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