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Thread: Cut all my ash trees.....

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    Cut all my ash trees.....

    A couple of days ago I cut all of the Ash trees on my property to take them to the mill. Emerald Ash Borers got them this year. Darn shame. I wonder where the morals will grow, always found them under ash trees.

    I will mill them up this week on my buddys sawmill, and that will be that, they are gone. Kind of scary when you think of all the species that are disappearing.

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    hey larry, be sure to take all bark off that ash and have it kiln dried,, ash is notorious for powder post beetles..and the only way you will eliminate them is to kln dry it..also get it cut into some 8/4 as well as 4/4 ... the thicker stuff is a sought after commodity.. and the ash around my area is also on the ropes..
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    The borer is currently decimating the ash in the woods I am cutting. I figure there are 20+ sawable ash trees with a dozen 2' diameter and tall. One tree is probably 4 ft. diameter and is the biggest tree in the woodlot. I had plans to log it this winter but the snow is rather deep and the owner has been gone on a cruise so I am waiting for better conditions. I also will be sawing all the trees into lumber and I appreciate the idea of sawing some 8/4 I might even saw some 12/4. I need to go tally the trees to get an estimate of board footage. Been burning the smaller trees all winter. They are nice to split and I think I like them second to elm when it comes to how they burn in the wood boiler. 2 years ago there was no sign of the borer in the woods Now all the trees are dying.
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    Wow. I hadn't heard about this one before. Says here the borer is set to kill most of the ash trees in North America.

    7.5 billion trees, not just the species, but the whole genus threatened. First the chestnuts, then the elms, now the ashes. It's hard to get one's head around numbers like that.

    If you don't trust wiki, more info here. And here. They all say pretty much the same thing: it's all over but the shouting. Dang!



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    Our White Oak's in Md were decimated about 10 years ago from a wood bore.
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