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Thread: Raised bed ladder

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    Raised bed ladder

    No pictures today, sorry.

    I have two raised beds that I need to build a joint ladder for. The sides of the beds are designed to be the ladder, but the way we organized the room all the sides are unavailable. The top of the bed rail is 36" high on the dot.

    I was thinking of doing the ladder on a 15 angle. If someone could check my math, I think that means a 37" rail length normally. I was going to angle the ladder back vertical when it hit the bottom of the rail to the top, and have a hook on top to stabilize it.

    If you need a picture to visualize it, this is pretty representative of what I'm trying to do:

    So I have two questions I would put to you in the design process

    1) Would it weaken the ladder too much if I did a taper on the top to meet the bed rail, or should I keep it full width and start with a wider piece of wood?

    2) How would you attach the steps for maximum strength?

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    Sketch Up is your friend (rough dimensions):
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    Our old houseboat has bunks and the upper has ladders, I made. I used 3.5" furring strips for both the rails and steps. Steps fit in angled Dados glued & screwed. 250+ old guys have been climbing up these wood stairways to slumber for several years w/o incident or concern.

    A dozen old retired guys ponyed up and bought this boat for weekend fishing and sippin' adventures. But since we got her all fixed up and outfitted, even the kids & wives seek times to go. (So much for the Floating Man Cave idea).

    The ladder usually just leans against the top bunk, except when my grandaughters are there, if it moves, they panic... so I run a screw through the top rail into the bunk. As a rule, it is not attached as we place them on the top bunks when not in use... cabin realestate is limited.

    I would think your ladder will serve safely.
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