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Thread: Work of Art.. B.Shiverdecker style

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    Work of Art.. B.Shiverdecker style

    well some time back rennie made delivery to bruce for me of a small slab and i stray piece i had aswell.. well for those of you who dont know bruce's motto.. its you will always get a piece of what you send him back well this time i got almost all of it this is one huge platter,, he wil have to tell us the story and what finish and such.. but he does seem to be gettun forgetful.. he didnt sign it.. so maybe i can drop by on my way back from texas in few weeks and have him finish the job this almost 20" wide and is approx.2" that wil hold alot of candy or cookies thanks bruce for the wonderful gesture...
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    That's awesome. Huge, too. I like the fact that he was able to keep a couple pieces of bark on it.

    Maybe he sent it to you because he just didn't have room to display it at his house.
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    That piece of chocolate can hold a lot of chocolate chips cookies.
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    Good for you, Larry. I'm sure he knew that a little tiny plate for one cookie wouldn't do you......
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    COOKIE PLATE are the spiny type trying to bribe you Larry

    Sweet platter Bruce you made good use out of some sweet chocolate I'll have to see that in person next time I am over Larry

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    It didn't look anything like that when I dropped it off!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great work and a super gesture!
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    Larry that would do right nice with a few chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk on it watching TV. See what you could do with a lathe.
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    Thanks for the kind words. The platter is the largest diameter piece I have turned. It came from the left hand piece shown in the picture with Renny. All the bark is on the back side.

    Having a lathe with a rotating head stock made it possible. It was turned 90 degrees, which alows me to turn up to 29" diameter.

    Since I knew Larry would use it, the inside or front side is finished with Mineral Oil and buffed with Bees wax. The outside is done with the French polish process. If larry wants to, He can set it bottom side out as a piece of Art.

    It took me much longer due to some medical issuesand I'm glad Larry likes it. That is the most important thing, to me.


    PS: I do have to appologise about the signing. I took it to our local woodworkers club for show and tell, then was in a hurry to get it out to larry, I didn't sign it. He has waited a long enough time as it is. Go ahead and stop by Larry and we'll get er done!
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    Well Bruce all I can say is..... ya done good...
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