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Thread: Walnut potpourri

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    Walnut potpourri

    Just to let you know Im still messing with woodturing! This little piece for my SIL was actually done when Vaughn was in NM over the holidays. I let it set for a while and it was developing ugly cracks. Apparently green wood dries on it's schedule, not mine.
    It's now dry, resanded and finished.

    I do like these pewter lids with the solid ring as they are a much better fit - I still would like to find some of those sandal pattern like Bernie had (hint).

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails side view.jpg   front view lid.jpg  

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    That's lovely, MJ. The walnut looks great, and the finish is spot-on.

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    Really a great looking pot. Nicely done. Form and finish are spot on.
    Bernie W.

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    Good stuff there, bud. Your SIL is gonna be real happy owning that piece. I'm with you...the pewter lids with the (almost) round ring are a lot easier to fit than the ones with the lacy floral pattern.
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    Nice job Michael. The finish on that looks great. I like it.

    Sounds like we all need to find a supplier for those sandal lids and put together a "group buy"
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    Great looking Walnut Pot.
    Well done.

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    Awww that stinks....nice Good lookin' work there bud. Should smell for a long time
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    Very nice looking pot. But, what is a sandal lid?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    Very nice looking pot. But, what is a sandal lid?
    its a lid with a sandal on top paul, instead of the birds or butterflies its to remind you that this to help make the shoes smell better when yu have them, laying on the floor next to your easy chair
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    Very nice.
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