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Thread: So...It's Friday

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    So...It's Friday

    What do ya all have going on this weekend?

    I'm finishing up the kitchen cabinets this weekend. Have the doors re-hung, but need to do some final painting as I have only fully painted the hinge sides so that I could get them back up and out of the way. Have the trash can pull-out painted and ready to install also.

    Saturday will be routing out some trim for the kitchen and tacking up and painting it. Need to do oil changes on the car & truck.

    Taking a class all day Sunday.

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    Going to a home and garden show tonight with the wifey, son and DIL, tomorrow and Sunday is box time and work on making bead board slats for the wainscot for the dining room

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    Darren, sounds like you have a full weekend ahead of you!

    Tonight, LOML and I are getting out of the house to try out a new pub up the street, home before the little one goes to bed. Tomorrow I hope to cut up some logs for next years firewood I scronged from the tree trimmers that have been working around my work all week. Some of it might even make it to the lathe.

    Sunday I will continue working on the laundry/bathroom in the basement...need to finish this up before it's to nice outside.
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    Supposed to rain/snow Sat., so need to bed the calves and the horse barn thawed yesterday so rinse and fill three troughs there. May bring in the young gelding and fit a harness on him. Oh, got to get a haircut.
    Sunday, take Lou out of the house and hang out with her (also on Sat.) as she has been homebound now for over 8 months, try to keep her from getting stir crazy.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Just returned from Down Town DC delivery and a stop at the new (anchor) Weather man for NBC home to do some touch up. Working all weekend . I want to finish up the Old Man painting.
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    Putting together about 10 drawers/pullout shelves and more organization.

    Got a flat tire on the right outside rear on my truck, so need to do something about that.

    And there's something about a box swap coming up. Probably need to get started on that.

    Also need to start getting ready for a little trip coming up...

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    I need to get started on the box swap project. I think I have a severe case of turner's block.
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    Start on the box swap. Relax a bit as well.
    Also try to come up with a unique project to make since the wine table for my daughter is finished.
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    Tile around the firebox, final installation of the side cabinets. Gotta get moving, company's coming!
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    Saturday is for working on my box swap box because SOME of us aren't as TALENTED and ORGANIZED as Glenn, who already has his FINISHED and on the mantel.

    Our move is almost done. We finally sold our other house, and the rest of our stuff is coming next week. Sunday is for taking the ferry over to the mainland and bringing back our 31' motorhome filled with random stuff on the ferry. I've driven it across the mountains, but driving it on the ferry kind of gives me the heebee jeebee's.
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