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Thread: bandsaw blade question

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    bandsaw blade question

    Changing a topic. In this thread

    Bruce said, "....I highly recommend the 1 Tri-Master carbide tipped blade (3tpi?), I cuts like a hot knife through butter."

    I looked up the TriMaster site. For my bandsaw, a 3/4" carbide blade would cost about five times what a Timberwolf costs. I'm not happy with the life span of the T'wolfs, but are the TMs worth five times as much? In other words, will it last five times, or more, longer than a non-carbide? For my 14" machine a blade would cost about $120.00.

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    Frank, I'm not sure I have a good answer for you, but that has never stopped me

    I think that bandsaw blades are just something that you have to consider as a consumable, that being said, it really sounds like you are going through them at a much too fast pace.........

    One thing about the carbide tipped ones is they do last a long time, compared to the normal ones, but 5 times.........? Dunno.....

    Using Steve Russell's protocol, I got a lot more use out of the carbide tipped blades on Big Blue, a LOT more, I keep one for doing super thin resaw, and the other for hacking up bowl blanks. The bowl blank one I've resharpened by hand, using the Dremel about 4 times now, still cuts very well, but not as well as the one that was professionally sharpened.

    Like I said, dunno if this helps or not, but I thought I'd give you my take.

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    You might check out the 1/2" 3-4tpi Wood Slicer blades from Highland Woodworking. They were highly recommended to me from a WW friend/turner. I got one for my 12" Delta to begin sawing the Cherry logs I got after our storms here.


    Give them a call and talk to Ed...

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    I have a carbide tipped blade for my MM24. I was lucky as I got the saw and accessories as a bonus and didn't have to fork out the cost for it out of pocket.

    For the MM 24, IIRC, it was around $250. It cuts like nothing I have ever seen and although it is hard to swallow the price, I would buy it out of pocket knowing what I know now.

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