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Thread: Wooden Gears

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    Wooden Gears

    I always come across this site, but never get around to posting a link for others. Looks to be useful for those that like to make their own contraptions. has a nice tool for designing you own and printing out the templates.

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    This guy is very sharp. You can spend a long time looking around his site.
    Well worth the time spent.


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    I've used his gear program for several years now. Lots of good info and entertainment on his site. The young man is very creative.

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    that guy is something else

    he has a contraption for almost everything and is one of the clearest thinkers I've encountered in a very long time. I spent most of one afternoon watching his YouTube videos. Although I have a good 14" bandsaw, his 18" made me hankering for another one just so I could say I did it.

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    Yeah i agree this guy is something else. Would love to know his IQ. He has to be up there with the best. I just drool at his site.

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