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Thread: Show Success

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    Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

    Show Success

    The 45th Red Deer Sportsman & Outdoor Adventure Show March 4th, 5th & 6th that I was invited to attend by the show promoters was a great success for me!

    Sold 108 pens over the 3 days. Mostly Rifle Cartridge Bullet Pens along with a few Feather and Tied Flies and Feathers.
    Sold 8-50 Caliber pens which really surprised me.

    I was approached with some great marketing opportunities by a couple of Hunting and Fishing Lodge businesses to supply Rifle Cartridge Bullet pens, Feather and Tied Fly and Feather pens.
    Was also asked if I would be willing to get my products into the Asian market.

    I was asked by many businesses if I had a website, which I don't, and had offers to help me set up a website at no cost to me.

    Oh, to be 21 again!

    The show promoters invited me to attend next years show.


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    that is great news but no surprise, you do fine work.
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    Fantastic Les! Good to hear about successful shows!

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    way to go les!
    benedictione omnes bene

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    Congratulations Les ! You have a good set up and that makes people stop for a look.
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    That's great Les. Congrats!
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    Congrats on the successful show. Like Don said, it's no surprise.
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    thanx for sharing wonderful news.

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    That's wonderful, Les. Yeah, you should do a website. These days it can really help a business.....there are probably lots of people looking for you on the internet...
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    CONGRATS Les and VERY well deserved. Your work is in the top 1% of all pen turners out there for sure.
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