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Thread: Masterlock combination

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    Masterlock combination

    I've got an old lock from HS that I can't remember the combination to. Will have to give this a shot.

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    Combi Lock

    Hi Darren,

    Those old HS combination locks are fairly crude. When in HS my buddy and I knew the combination to all of the locks near mine. We would stand there and shoot the breeze and pick locks.

    Just remember at least three full revolutions to the right---then keep turning slowly and smoothly. You will feel the moment you should stop. Then 2 revolutions to the left (ditto on the feel). Then one to the right to the "It is unlocked feel."

    Have fun! Was it Jimmy Valentine who was the combination lock guy back in the late 20s and 30s? He opened the safes in a heck of a lot of banks before he was finally caught.


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    You're ambitious! I'd throw it out.
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