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Thread: Shaker Secretary/Computer Cabinet

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    Shaker Secretary/Computer Cabinet

    Here is a design that I came up for our iMac patterned after a classic Shaker secretary. I don't get as much time in the shop as I used to, so this has been a long time in coming. I still need to shoot it with some pre-cat lacquer, but for now the BLO will have to do the trick. Just too cold in Michigan right now!!!

    I made sure to cut all the door pieces from the same board so that the grain would match, not only on the panels, but on the styles and rails as well. I had to come up with a good code to keep all the pieces straight before gluing them up!

    I cut the dovetails so that I could get the thinnest of pins. For some reason, that's my favorite look and what I'm used to cutting.

    Some of the supplied screws were too long so I had to use my own. They were too shinny, so I used liquid gun blue to give them a nice antique look - a lot nicer looking than spraying them black. Makes for a nice trick.

    That should about cover the bases. All the hardware came from either Whitechapel or Horton Brass.

    I have a ton of construction pics at my blog. Feel free to check them out under the new work.

    Thanks for looking!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Shaker-Secratary-1.jpg   Shaker-Secratary-2.jpg   Shaker-Secratary-3.jpg   Shaker-Secratary-4.jpg   Shaker-Secratary-5.jpg  

    Shaker-Secratary-6.jpg   Shaker-Secratary-7.jpg  
    Wm. Jason Tuinstra

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    Jason there is only one word for this.....SWEET. Love it. Everything about it.

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    Really like it and the rest of your work on your website! I also checked out your tall cabinet in Fine Woodworking's Readers Gallery (Feb 2006).
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    As usual a truly fine piece. I love your sense of design.
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    Very nice. I kept going back to look at it. Bravo!
    Dan Gonzales
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    Jason, as I've said before, your stuff really appeals to me. It's exquisite. You have both extraordinary skills and taste. I have to say that between LOML and I and 2 bulldogs, a delicate piece like that wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house, but it belongs more in a museum anyway. I hope sometime you'll bring your crew up to Vancouver Island, and I'll trade a quilt for lessons .
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    Only one word for that and it's "WoweeWooWa!" Love all of the details you got going there...

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    Another beautiful piece Jason! Thanks for sharing.


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    top of the line craftsmanship. Inspirational work.

    Ive enjoyed watching this project.

    Whats next on the horizon?

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