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Thread: The Gas Crunch

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    The Gas Crunch

    Pictures deleted at the request of the moderaters.
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    I would laugh but it is too true...
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    Good comics, Dan. Funny and sad all in the same breath.

    Today I saw the first of what will probably become many stations here in town that are over $4.00 for low-grade unleaded. It was in Beverly Hills, but even up in the cheap seats (my neighborhood) it's at about $3.89 for the cheap stuff.
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    Would you believe gas today in Alberta is $1.32 /litre which works out to $6.00 a gallon Canadian and $4.99 a gallon US.

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    The heating oil guy came yesterday and topped off my tank. 153 gallons. He left a bill for $589.00

    Filled up my pick up truck yesterday $68.00

    Something needs to be done. Now.
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    The cartoons lose their humor when they are true.
    We are hurting.
    I have started making lists and don't go to town unless it is absolutely necessary and I combine chores on those trips. There are times when I don't start the truck for 2 or 3 days.
    These prices have changed lifestyles and are limiting our ability to interact with other people, near and far.
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    I would not call it a CRUNCH .................................................. .............
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