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Thread: Earthquake NE of Japan, Stu, Greg, Alex You OK?

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    Earthquake NE of Japan, Stu, Greg, Alex You OK?

    Everything OK over yonder 'tomorrow'?

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    Earthquake NE of Japan, Stu, Greg, Alex You OK?

    i was wondering the same thing Ned.

    My Stepson is in college over on the west coast of that island, but nothing seems to have happened bad on that side.

    I'll be checking and looking to see if all is well there.

    Aloha, Tony
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    My daughter called me from Hawaii to ask me the same question. I did not know we had had an earthquake!! There are usually several hundred micro quakes a day. Can only feel one or two a week.

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    Well thanks folks for worrying but I had no idea there was one. Tokyo/Kanagawa (Kanto Plain) area is no problem.

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    Thanks for the concern, we are fine

    Had another turf surfing wake up call this AM at about 6:30, you can see the map here.....

    If you look just above the map, there are two buttons, "Latest information" and "Previous Information" keep clicking the "Previous Information" and you will see just how frequent quakes are here
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