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Thread: Workshop in Progress

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    Workshop in Progress

    I started making greenland kayak paddles for myself and a local kayak retailer. This peaked my interest in wood working. I thought I would start to organize my 2 car garage into a workshop that would still allow me to park 2 cars in there. I have a Ridgid TS3612 table saw ($300 used), Porter Cable 14" band saw ($399 new), Craftsman 10" miter saw (New cheap on sale), Freud FT2200 router (New, free from brother), and various power and hand tools. I hope to add a Dewalt 735 planer, a 4x36 belt sander, and a real dust collection system soon. I made a cantilevered miter saw bench on back wall of "my side" of the garage. I originally had a fold-down version on "her-side" but that didn't fly. I cantilevered the bench to allow me to drag stuff in and out from underneath of it and not be limited by a cabinet. After building the bench I added 2 supports to the saw section just because. The 2 lumber shelves above the bench are also cantilevered off of the wall studs. It is kinda crude but it works. I tend to build first and design, ahh, rather rebuild or modify second. The table saw and band saw can stay where they are unless I am cutting bigger sheets on the table saw.
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    John Davis

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    First off, welcome to the forum!

    That's a great looking, and large, space. The additions you've made so far look sturdy and well thought out. Keep us informed!
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    Welcome John!

    Looks like you've got the makings of a nice workshop there!

    We've got another member on here who is pretty seriously into Kayaks.

    I expect he'll be stopping by soon to say hello as well!

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    Great first post John. Shops looks good.
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    Welcome to FWW. Looks like you are making a fine use of space. One of our other members, Jeff Horton, designs builds and sells kayak kits. Here is a link to his web site.
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    Hi John: Welcome to the forum. Where are you from? Greetings from here on Vancouver Island where it stopped raining for a minute. You seem to have inherited a neat and tidy gene. Looks great!
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    Wow...that is a nice big place. Best of luck with it!

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    welcome and let us know where you are from and put it in your profile so we can drop by for a visit or you can us
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    Welcome to the family John!

    Looks like a great workspace you have, caught a couple of stealth gloats in your post as well...congrats.

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    Table saw mounted router table

    I am working on adding a router table to my table saw due to space limitations.
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    John Davis

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