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Thread: Ok Spring has been cancelled in the Great white north!!

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    Ok Spring has been cancelled in the Great white north!!

    The neigbor has had enough so he has decided on a new business

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bunny fufu flipped like Charlie Sheen and went straight through the trees the other day.
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    Mack told me his TV was on the blink when i went to visit him and caught him in the yard with this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ken that snow outside your workshop door is good for nothing you gotta have this check out my workshop door. The NN is crazy, he is dying of thirst.
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    Glenn and Don came over from California to visit and i found them on the deck trying to spy on my box swap build while getting a suntan in snow cammo.

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    Vaughn got stuck in Michigan in the snow with Tom on their way to Larrys place.

    This is what the rescue guys saw they needed from the air. Guess they ok.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hippies that are stranded.jpg 
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    As for me, well my tour is next week when i spend a few days in a YURT.

    I am laughing at these geese. They think they got the seasons all wrong.
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    Did you hear that up where Ken lives they got two feet of snow?

    What two feet of snow might look like:

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    Those are great

    I have to remember the unassembled snowmen sigh for next year
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    48°F here today. Supposed to get 6~8" of wet snow tonight, and high of 22° tomorrow. Go figger...
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    It was a tough winter for a lot of people.
    The griping those of us in the south did about cold, snow, etc. was nothing compared to north and east.
    Now, there is more snow for many and melting snows are causing serious flooding for many more.
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