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Thread: Going from Brass to Bronze

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    Going from Brass to Bronze

    If you've got brass or even brass plated hardware. You can easily give it a bronzed look by removing the protecting lacquer with acetone, then using a black stained glass patina to transform the look.

    We're in the process of updating our kitchen hardware. I picked up the patina at the local stained glass shop for $6. Should save us about $200 not having to buy new hardware.

    It takes a few seconds to transform the color and may have to apply a couple of times depending on how dark and consistent you want the color. If you're doing hinges, don't forget to do the screws as well.

    Also, don't pour the used patina back into the bottle, just discard it. I typically use a cap full at a time, it goes a long ways.
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    I definitely like the more 'bronzed' looking fittings.

    I like 'real' brass stuff, if it's polished and looks good, but we have a bathroom in need of renovation with a bunch of 'brass' that just doesn't have that good look. Probably too much for this treatment, but that's something to keep in the ole back pocket...

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    I was wondering how that could be done. I have a project planned where I'd like antique looking hardware.
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