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Thread: It's Friday...

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    It's Friday...

    Not the kind of start we were all hoping for. Stu, Alex, Greg, & Kyle, glad you and your families are all safe, will keep those affected in our thoughts. Please let us know if there's anything we can do from this side of the pond.

    As for me this weekend, I will probably be getting side tracked watching CNN quite a bit. I need to get the handles patina'd, mill out some trim to finish up the kitchen, and cut in a couple of electrical outlets. Also need to get busy on my taxes or filing an extension I suppose.

    Expecting some decent weather, so may get some leaves cleaned up around the outside.

    What's everyone else got going on?
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    The rest of our furniture is coming today. Then we are OFFICIALLY MOVED IN. So our weekend is enjoying it.
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    Need to do some work on the box swap box and get the camper ready for our trip...

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    I've milled the last of the trim for the fireplace - will start installing it on Sunday. ordered the glass (water glass) fr the doors yesterday - about 10-14 days for it to come inn. Almost there!!!
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    Today at 1:30 Jarrod and I are giving a talk on Restoring antiques at a Antique club meeting, then tomorrow we are going to a banquet for the Maryland Bow hunters Asso. The Jake should be home by then. He is driving back with my Cousin. And Shelly should be home Sunday from San Fran. Plus lookie what came in the Mail. Now you all can stop given hounding me about my Pictures. I like the new camera !
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    Finish up on the box swap as well. Probably stop by Harbor Freights parking lot sale on Sat.

    Baby sitting Sat. night and Sunday.
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    Grilling for the first time since last fall tonight ...woodturner's meetign tomorrow with my dad and then watching bball the rest of the day/night....maybe some shop time on sunday.
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    Going to see Keith Burnes doing a demo on hollowing from a 1/2" opening in the am.Can't what to get to finely meet him. Put the finishing touches on the box swap box. What ever else i want.

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    doing a health and wellness fair on Sat. Sunday church and since theres no race I am planning on cleaning the shop.
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    Work on the box swap. Clean a little, have a guest coming next Friday.
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