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Thread: Hello from Oregon

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    Smile Hello from Oregon

    I like all of the positive blogging here at Family Woodworking, it sounds like a good place to hangout. Hi everyone, I signed up a few weeks ago and really enjoy seeng everyones project and shop pictures. I'm into turning mostly and those occasional honey do list projects, but try to do more turning. I started turning in High School, then took a very long break (about 35 years), untill about 4 years ago when I bought a Rikon Mini Lathe. I started turning small bowls and pens, I recently aquired a Jet 1442 lathe to move on larger pieces of wood. So Hello again from Oregon.

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    welcome jim and its to bad your hooked on turning there seems to be a uncurable strain of that here as long as one stays away from the abyss, they can continue on in normal life,,, once again welcom and i got aunt form your state, redmond..
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    Hey Jim welcome to the Family. I too have the Rikon mini. My cousins own all the McDonalds around Salem so if ya ever eat there your putting money in their pockets.
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    Welcome Jim!
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    Welcome to the family Jim!

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    welcome Jim, good to have ya here with us

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    Hi Jim, welcome to the family!
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    Glad you found us, Jim. We're happy to have you along for the ride. Here, I'll wave at you from just north of you, Vancouver Island. Pictures pictures pictures, we love 'em. Congrats on the new Jet lathe.
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    Welcome from just up the road in Portland!

    We have a few Oregonians here.
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    Welcome Jim
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