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Thread: Babco Tools

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    Babco Tools

    LOML discovered Babco Tools tonight. I've never heard of them. But there's a store here in my (little) town. They are carrying some power tool brands called "Mountain" and "Sunex".

    Anyone ever hear anything good or bad about Mountain and Sunex brands?
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    Never heard of Babco before. Dunno how their tool prices compare to other Canadian mail-order outfits, but a bit of Internet price comparison with places like Amazon would probably answer that question. Also, neither Sunex or Mountain ring any bells. I poked around the Babco website a bit, but didn't see any power tools from either brand. Without seeing them, I'd hazard a guess that they are custom-branded generic Asian tools, which may or may not be a good value.
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    +1 on what vaughn said. Probably store brand, could be good or bad depending on what they get made.

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