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Thread: another Incra question

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    another Incra question

    I bought this rig at a yard sale for $3.00. Being an Incra item I know it cost quite a bit more than that new. But that is about all I know.
    It is obviously an adjustable fence deal.
    But, I don't know what use it might have, at least for me. The fence on my table saw seems adequate and this board would take up quite a bit of room. Also, I'm not sure how I would get this thing perzactly parallel to my blade. And, the adjustments are not easy to see, I'm sure I would still use a tape to measure cuts.
    It doesn't take up much room so I'll keep for now. Any better suggestions?
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    I'd probably use that on a router table, not a table saw.

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    Frank, I don't think I'd use that particular Incra jig on a tablesaw. Like you said, it'll be real hard to get it parallel with the blade. It can be handy on a router table, though.
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