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Thread: 725 Boston Post Rd

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    725 Boston Post Rd

    Hey, folks,

    That's the address of a little place called the Cafe Allegre in Madison, Connecticut. Here's a picture:

    It's a nice place, in a nice little old-style New England town. Doorlink and I were there on Friday, to have a meeting. With a publisher. Three hours of civilized discussion. We talked so long we had to move to the bar.

    And there, at the bar, I had a rusty nail. He had a glass of wine, Doorlink had her favorite libation. And about halfway through our drinks, we signed the contract for my first full-length poetry collection!

    It's been a long road so far, but I feel like this is just the start. I have hundreds of people to thank, far too many to list.!

    But most of all, I need to thank Doorlink, whose tireless devotion and skillful tenacity makes all things possible.

    All Hail Doorlink!



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    they say that behind every good man is a better woman... congrats bill
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    Now we can say we all knew him when
    It could be worse You could be on fire.
    Stupid hurts.

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    Congrats Bill.....that is very good news!

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    You are on your way to the big time now!

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    Congratulations Bill and Doorlink! Please keep us posted for the release of your book. I usually borrow books from the library. I think this one, however, will become a part of my collection.


    "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
    Vince Lombardi

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    Great News Bill, glad to here it.
    "There’s a lot of work being done today that doesn’t have any soul in it. The technique may be the utmost perfection, yet it is lifeless. It doesn’t have a soul. I hope my furniture has a soul to it." - Sam Maloof
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    Congratulations Bill!

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” – Robert Brault

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    Wonderful Bill. Can I have your autograph?
    AKA Young Grasshopper Woodworker
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    So now I need to remember where was I on Friday evening. I'll need to know it in the future when I'm asked - where were you when Bill Lantry went pro?

    All kidding aside - congratulations.

    Best wishes

    Jim Mattheiss

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