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Thread: Accident

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    Well, I really am not a turner, but I am making a shaving horse for a friend, and after riving some ash blanks out of air dried billets, I was spinning a 2 x 2 x 24" piece of ash rather too fast.

    Flew off and hit me in the face shield and face. All I can say is I'm glad I had the shield on, because the damage would no doubt have been worse. Most of the force was on my mouth. Both lips are cut on the inside, but not requiring sutures. And one front tooth isn't feeling great, but fortunately did not get broken or knocked out. My lips are pretty swollen too.

    I think my mistakes were:
    not fully squaring off the end that was held by the live center.
    spinning too fast
    applying too much force
    turning anything big enough to hurt me

    Here's what the face shield looks like. It has a dent where the piece hit. The red stuff is on the inside.

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    Glad it wasn't more serious Ken. Scary stuff. Perhaps you'd like to put your feet up and read a nice book for the rest of the day?
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    Sure glad you were wearing a full face shield Ken, that could have been real bad BAD SPINNY THING BAD......

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    Glad your injuries were minor.

    How fast were you spinning?
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    I'm not sure what the rpms were, but clearly they were too high for the task. I had it turned up pretty high.

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    Ken real glad ya had that shield on. I would ask if your gouge was sharp, but knowing you it was. You shouldn't have to press at all to speek of if it was sharp.Knock on wood it ain't happened to me yet.Heal well and get back on that horse.

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    I guess face shields really do their job. Glad it wasn't serious and glad you had it on.
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    sorry to hear yu got hurt but i warned you and others about the spinyy things they are bad and bit hard huh..heal quickly and be sure to eat lots of spicy and salty foods it helps the pain go away
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    Flexed and let loose between the head and tail stock? No matter, glad you are as good as you are. Dang those moments hurt don't they?! Here's to a fast recovery.

    Oh, grind some ice in a blender and suck on that tonight, really helps with the swelling in the mouth. Don't put the ice directly on the area, you don't want to freeze it.

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    First...your ok...that's the best part. learned a bunch of stuff.
    My only suggestion would be a better shield. The gardener type's are really thin and flex a lot. Any landing you walk away from is a good one!!
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