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Thread: Ribbon Rack

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    Ribbon Rack

    LOML wanted a rack to hold the spools of ribbon in her craft room. She didn't want them put on dowles thru the center hole cause if she wanted the spool in the back then she would have to move the ones in the front to get at the back one. She came up with the design. and I built it for her. Not exactly sure the wood type, I got it from the cut off bin at the wood store. 2 coats of rattle can shellac

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    Great job!

    Making something unusual for someone that they aren't expecting (my usual modus operandi) can be fun, but it can also backfire.

    Making something to someone's specifications for a specific purpose feels good.

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    Neat design and nicely made. What ever the wood is it is sure good looking
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    purty wood what ever it is dan,, now that you have shown her you can make things for her your gonna be able to get more tools i bet
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    Now you've done it! Don't you know I've already got a to-do list a mile long?

    Great looking rack Dan, gonna have to steal that design.

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    It's full. Time to start on the next one.

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    Looks great dan. Much handier than pulling them out of boxes I'd reckon

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    You get the Blue Ribbon for this one!
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    Nice design.
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    Very nice , I built one for the Mrs very similar except I used dowels to hold the spools, she likes it as a dispenser so to say, but she also likes to bring her crafts out to the kitchen table now and then, and the dowels make it a pain...guess I can see what's in my future, that's good though , I can use the brownie points{lol}
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