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Thread: Marking Knife

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    Marking Knife

    Here is a marking knife I finished making last night. The handle is from a walnut log my FIL gave me, the blade was an old recip saw blade, and the ferrule is a brass compression fitting.

    Let me know what you think! I do have one question for anyone that has made something like this. How do you fit the tang to the handle? I used a drill bit that was about the same diameter as the thickness of the blade and drilled several holes, then working the bit back and forth joined the holes. This left me with a loose fit and I used quite a bit of CA glue to attach the blade.

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    I have made quite a few knives using basically the technique you describe. But, I try to have a tapered tang and drill the hole, or holes, to less than the mid-way width. Then it is a matter of just cramming it in tight with glue. A brass ferrule can hide a lot of sins.

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    Hi Ed,

    Very nice. Looks comfortable to hold.

    When I have used flat blades in the past, I have taken and drilled a hole the diameter that the tang is, turned a short dowel to just a skosh undersized and then split the dowel in half. I then sandwiched the blade between them and glued the whole thing in the handle's drilled hole.

    Take care, Mike
    Wenzloff & Sons Sawmakers

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    Thanks Mike! That almost makes too much sense! I will give that a try on the next one!

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looks great Ed

    Thats something on my TODO list

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